iTEP Case Study: J-Check

iTEP Case Study: J-Check Assessing the English Proficiency of J-Scholars at Northwestern University IntroductionEach year Northwestern University hosts hundreds of international faculty from all around the world who come to campus to teach and conduct research. Learn how Northwestern evaluates and documents the English fluency of each international scholar using the J-Check platform, which features […]

iTEP for High Schools

If you’re a High School in need of an English language proficiency and assessment exam, don’t wait! TEP SLATE was designed for you.

Rules of Basic English Grammar

Grammar is one of the most important and overwhelming parts of learning English. However, it doesn’t have to be. By mastering parts of speech and the fundamental aspects of English grammar, you will find ease in understanding the flow of the language. In this article, we are going to cover basic grammar rules and parts […]

Welcoming University Partners

Become an iTEP Partner School today and see what Academic Plus can do for you! Visit our Partner School page to get started.

iTEP Takes Test Security to New Heights

Fotosure Provides Safety and Security in a COVID World iTEP’s Measures for Safe Pandemic-Era Testing To meet the socially-distanced demands of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, iTEP International overhauled and expanded FotoSure, its proprietary security program, to partner with its new IVP at-home testing.  This innovative tool is used in order to provide health and […]

Facts about the English Language

English is a language full of stories and connections. Each word has a background in how it came to be a part of this complicated and exciting collection of sounds. In this article, we attempt to provide an overview to some of the more unique aspects of the English language. How many words are in […]

iTEP, ALS introduce Exchange Test for High School Students

High school students around the world wishing to study in the United States as a J-1 Exchange student now have a new comprehensive English language skills exam available to assess the incoming student’s grammar, reading listening, and speaking skills.

Tianjin AE Technology Company Profile

Steven Chen, the founder of Tianjin AE Technology Company, is taking advantage of a unique Chinese higher education system model to promote iTEP English language proficiency exams in 12 Chinese provinces. Chen’s new distributorship agreement with iTEP has already tested 1,700 students in China.

Proof of English Language Proficiency

Applying to universities is a daunting task. Proving your English language proficiency adds to the already stressful process. At iTEP, not only are we here to help you navigate around this roadblock, but our English placement test provides you with proof necessary for a university or high school. What are English placement tests? English placement […]