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From secondary education to the professional world, iTEP products satisfy a wide range of needs for test-takers, educators, and administrators. Find the perfect test for you below or get in touch to learn more.

iTEP Academic


Our university-level test featuring the widest CEFR range (A1-C2) and evaluating five proficiency skills within 90 minutes.


Secondary schools

Content adapted to the need of teen and pre-teen English language learners. This test evaluates five active skills within 90 minutes.

iTEP Snapshot

Pre-Arrival Testing

Need to test your students BEFORE they arrive on-campus? Use Snapshot for in-country English language proficiency testing.

iTEP Exchange

J-Visa English Test

The iTEP Exchange is the perfect language assessment option for J-visa high school exchange students.

Certificate Suite

General Evaluations

A set of four evaluations designed to give users a clear picture of test-taker proficiency at different levels of fluency.

iTEP Conversation

Practical Training Programs

Our general English test focused on evaluating proficiency in the active skills of speaking and listening.

iTEP Au Pair

Au Pair Industry

Specialized in the evaluation of listening and speaking, our themed Au-Pair English test presents test takers with relevant scenarios.

iTEP Aviation

Aviation Industry

Used by cockpit crew in the aviation industry to measure the English proficiency of prospective employment candidates.

iTEP Hospitality

Hospitality Industry

One of our themed English test for Hospitality. This test focuses on presenting test-takers with scenarios relevant to their industry.

iTEP Intern

J-Visa Work Exchange Programs

Listening and speaking sections may be combined for evaluation within a business & administrative-themed context.

iTEP Business

Business & Government

Grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking sections may be combined for evaluation within a business themed context. 

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