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Online and on-demand English language evaluation for colleges and universities. Graded in 24 hours and backed by a team of ESL professionals, iTEP Academic has everything post secondary institutions need to make informed admissions and assessment decisions.

For University and College International Admissions: Academic Plus exam which covers Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.

Test purchases are non-refundable

*Purchase of an iTEP Academic Plus Exam also includes a digital badge with your CEFR level to celebrate your achievement online! Share with schools, potential employers, and on social media. Certain restrictions for badge delivery apply.

Over 1,000 educational institutions around the world partner with iTEP.

Test Turnaround

iTEP tests are graded and completed within 24 hours. However, if there is a technical difficulty or suspicion of cheating, your test may take longer to be completed.


To ensure you receive your results in time for an application or interview, please complete the exam at least 5 business days before you need your scores.


iTEP testing IDs are valid for 12 months and are nonrefundable. iTEP testing results are valid for two years.

What is the structure of the test?

iTEP Academic comes in two forms. The most well-known version being iTEP Academic-Plus which tests grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Additionally, we offer iTEP Academic-Core which tests grammar, listening and reading. Institutions should use iTEP Academic-Plus for official admissions purposes. For internal assessments, on the other hand, either test is suitable.

How are the tests administered?

iTEP Academic-Plus can be administered at a certified iTEP Test Center, or online, via the iTEP Virtual Testing System.

How long does a test take to complete?

The Academic-Core takes 60 minutes, while the Academic-Plus takes 90 minutes. This includes a 10 minute preparation period.

which institutions are using itep Academic?

We have partner institutions all around the world, and our list of partners is always growing. To see a current list of institutions who accept iTEP, please click here. Interested in becoming a partner school? Apply today.

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