iTEP Academic

Online and on-demand English language evaluation for colleges and universities. Graded in 24 hours and backed by a team of ESL professionals, iTEP Academic has everything post secondary institutions need to make informed admissions and assessment decisions. 

iTEP Academic comes in two forms. The most well-known version being iTEP Academic-Plus which tests grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Additionally, we offer iTEP Academic-Core which tests grammar, listening and reading. Institutions should use iTEP Academic-Plus for official admissions purposes. For internal assessments, on the other hand, either test is suitable.

iTEP Academic-Plus for admissions must be administered online, at a certified iTEP Test Center. Academic Core can be administered online at private institutions — a paper format is also available.

The Academic-Core takes 60 minutes, while the Academic-Plus takes 90 minutes. This includes a 10 minute preparation period.

We have partner institutions all around the world, and our list of partners is always growing. To see a current list of institutions who accept iTEP, please click here. Interested in becoming a partner school? Apply today

What our customers think

“iTEP is quick and flexible to administer, which keeps costs low. iTEP also offers superior customer service.”
–Yuni Nguyen
President, American Language Academy,
“We administer ITEP on campus and have found it efficient and easy to use. I like that we receive quick scores and reports with useful feedback that we make available to students"
–Rebecca Lawrence
Massachusetts International Academy, MA
“iTEP Academic is a wonderful alternative to other English language proficiency tests. iTEP makes an ideal assessment tool to measure ongoing progress, and a viable exit examination that measure the proficiency of students who have completed your program.”
–Dr. Paul Hofmann
California State University, Fresno, CA