To achieve the best results, we utilize a mixture of iTEP grading software as well as a group of English-speaking ESL professional graders who go through calibration every 60 days. Graders have no contact with test administrators or students which allows them to be truly impartial in their evaluations.

iTEP test results are valid for two years from the test date.

Verify a score

To ensure the validity of results given to you via an unverified source, please visit our Score Verification Portal. You will need to provide us with the applicant’s government ID and one other key identifier (name, birthday, test ID). You can also opt to receive scores directly from iTEP by registering as a partner institution.

setting admissions scores

iTEP International understands that establishing scores to be used for admissions purposes can be a stressful task. We encourage institutions to take a multifaceted approach when setting required iTEP scores for admissions.

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