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Admissions Testing Partners

Institutions that accept iTEP have taken an important step toward attracting potential students. Providing students with a convenient alternative to entry makes it easier for prospective students to report English language proficiency to your institution. With hundreds of secure test centers operating in key markets worldwide and a low retail price, iTEP allows prospective students to schedule a test at their convenience. 

Over 1,000 educational institutions around the world partner with iTEP.

Competitor Comparisons

Compare our score ranges to that of other English language evaluations on the market, helping you get an idea of how your current admissions scores would translate to iTEP.

Validity & Reliability

iTEP exams are aligned to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and backed by result-based research. Learn more about it in our Validity-Reliability report.

setting admissions scores

iTEP International understands that establishing scores to be used for admissions purposes can be a stressful task. We encourage institutions to take a multifaceted approach when setting required iTEP scores for admissions.