iTEP Business

Online and on-demand English language evaluation for corporations. Graded in 24 hours and backed by high security standards and professionally trained graders. iTEP Business has everything companies need to get a reliable picture of their candidate’s mastery of the language skills necessary for the job.

iTEP Business comes in two forms. iTEP Business-Plus, which tests grammar, reading, listening, writing, and speaking and iTEP Business Core which evaluates grammar, listening and reading. Corporations should use iTEP Business for screening, evaluating return on investment, progress and promotion decisions, benchmarking and streamlining.

You can administer iTEP Business on any computer. Candidates and employees can test at your office, their homes, or anywhere that works for you! You can also refer your candidates or employees to one of our Certified iTEP Test Centers worldwide.

The Business Core test takes 60 minutes, while the Business Plus test takes 90 minutes. This includes a 10 minute preparation period.

We have partners all around the world including corporations, government agencies, licensing boards, and credentials institutes such as The Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI). To see a current list of businesses who accept iTEP, please click here. Interested in using iTEP for employee assessment? Contact us today. 

What our customers think

““iTEP® has quickly emerged as a globally innovative, accurate and user-friendly evaluative tool to measure English language proficiency… The ITEP provided an excellent practical evaluation (and motivation!) for members who will be dedicating more and more time and service to tourists and visitors throughout Italy.”
–Tom Shandorf
The American Language Center of Florence
“Having thoroughly acquainted myself with the features of iTEP and considering its merits in comparison with the other English tests we recognize (TOEFL® and IELTS®), I added iTEP to our list of approved English language proficiency tests. Based on my review of and experience with iTEP, I am pleased to recommend it."
–Gideon Malone
UCLA Summer Sessions

Recipients of the President's "e" award for US Exports in 2018.

iTEP holds affiliations with AMCHAM (The American Chamber of Commerce in the People's Republic of China) and the US Dept. of Commerce.