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iTEP International is proud to partner with a wide variety of institutions in the fields of education, business, and government to provide high quality English proficiency testing that is on-demand, accurate and affordable. There are several ways to partner with us, providing access to our extensive global network and globally competitive suite of exams.
iTEP International works with a wide variety of institutions including universities and schools, agencies, corporations, HR and recruitment platforms, governments, and other entities to provide high quality English proficiency testing in over 60 countries.
We are looking for global partners and resellers in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, & Africa, as well as more exclusive or strategic partnerships that can offer innovative growth opportunities and product expansion through our global network. To learn more, or if you have an idea, contact us.

We work with country-based, exclusive, and non-exclusive partners, agency and network referral-based relationships, and global strategic partnerships.  Within academia, over 1,000 partner institutions around the world recognize iTEP exams for high-stakes admissions and related usage.

To see a current list of institutions who accept iTEP, click here.

Global Partners

We’re always on the hunt for qualified and innovative global partners. Contact us to learn more about how we might work together.

Preferred Agents

Grow your network with iTEP International, access exclusive opportunities, and earn a commission through our Preferred Agent program. Send your students to iTEP’s growing network of US and Canada-based partner schools.

Partner Schools

Institutions that accept iTEP have taken an important step toward providing students with a convenient and affordable pathway to university and college admissions. iTEP makes it easier for prospective students to report English language proficiency to your institution, and complete tests on-demand.


We work with talented partners in a variety of industries: education, business, and government agencies, from leading multinationals to small English academies. Interested in working with us? Contact us to match your capabilities with our network opportunities.


Find the type of partnership that best fits with your capabilities and growth ambitions. Applications for country-based partnerships usually include references and a basic strategic plan, but are often built in collaboration with our business development team. Fill out a formal application or speak directly with us to explore ideas.


Once a partnership is agreed, we’ll onboard your team and provide you with the necessary resources to succeed, including training materials, pilot testing, content creation and marketing communications.


Take full advantage of our global partner network to become part of a successful, diverse and dynamic team of entrepreneurs, business leaders and academic professionals worldwide.

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iTEP International is a leader in English language assessment and testing with a presence in 60+ countries and hundreds of corporations worldwide. Founded in 2002, we bring high quality, digital-first, reliable and fast result testing to students, schools, companies, and governments around the world. And we’re just getting started.

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iTEP International is a leader in English language assessment and testing with a presence in 60+ countries and hundreds of corporations worldwide.

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