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Find answers to commonly asked questions about iTEP exams and services. For more specific questions not included in the list below, please contact us

This is the link for taking the iTEP exam for Canadian test takers:

This is the link for taking the iTEP exam for Chinese test takers:

iTEP will send score reports to our partner schools listed on our website. If a school/institution is not listed on our website, please contact the appropriate department of the desired school/institution and confirm that the iTEP score report will be accepted by the school or institution.

An email containing test materials will be sent to the email used to make the payment immediately after the payment is confirmed. Occasionally, emails will be sent to the Spam/Junk folders, please check all inboxes for the test materials.

Download the lockdown browser by clicking on the appropriate link sent via email. Install the file by opening the downloaded file and allowing the permissions on the pop-up window for the lockdown browser. Finish installing the lockdown browser and return to the iTEP testing page. Ensure that all running programs and windows are closed other than the iTEP exam page. Click on the button to begin your exam.
iTEP does offer online testing options. You can purchase your exam through our website and take it remotely. Please check with your institution/school if iTEP remote exams are accepted. iTEP has test centers around the world as well to take in-person exams. Please check our website for more information.

If your exam is administered by a school/institution, score reports will be sent directly to them and not to the test taker.

If you’ve chosen to send your score report to an iTEP partner during the registration process, your score report will also be sent directly to the school/partner.

If your exam is under review, the review process will take approximately 5 business days.

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