iTEP Case Study: Southern Utah University

With accurate scores, fast results, and a high level of flexibility, the iTEP Academic-Plus has proved itself to be an ideal solution for Southern Utah University.

iTEP Case Study: Summit Christian Academy

Summit Christian Academy in Kansas City, Missouri, USA decided a new English language proficiency exam was needed when they realized how difficult it was to understand international student examinees’ scores and translate the scores into specific language strengths and weaknesses.

iTEP Case Study: Eastern Christian School

In 2010, Eastern Christian School in North Haledon, New Jersey, USA needed to implement a new testing process of English language proficiency assessment for incoming international students.

iTEP Case Study: El Bosque University

Upon noticing the lack of progressive advancement of their citizens in the global market, in 2014 the Colombian government instituted an English language proficiency requirement for all undergraduate and graduate students as part of their university degree programs.

iTEP Case Study: Pre-Arrival Testing

Prior to the pandemic, the Sheridan College ESL program created, distributed and proctored its own English language proficiency exam used to place incoming international students into the appropriate ESL course level for non-native English speakers. However, as the pandemic spread, and face-to-face interaction quickly dissipated.

iTEP Case Study: J-Check

In 2015, new US government regulations for J-Scholars (Exchange Visitors) put Northwestern University in the position of needing to implement an English language proficiency assessment process for their incoming J-Scholars.