When the Covid pandemic affected its in-person English proficiency testing methods, Central Michigan University (CMU) needed to develop a solution. In-person exams assessed international students when they arrived on campus and allowed the university’s English Language Institute (ELI) to evaluate students’ skills for accurate course placement. But when international students were unable to travel to the United States, CMU required an online testing method to assess students. The university chose the iTEP exam as its preferred online testing method. Students who took the iTEP exam were assessed for grammar, reading, listening, speaking, and writing while in their home country, and their exam results were sent to the ELI within 24 hours. Josh Adams, the current Director of the English Language Institute, could see how the iTEP exam streamlined the proficiency assessment process and eliminated the need for manual grading. The students’ score reports provided the ELI with helpful information about incoming students, enabling them to prepare for the upcoming semester with greater confidence and efficiency. Even though international students are now able to travel to the university campus and could potentially take an in-person exam, Director Adams plans to continue using the iTEP exam at Central Michigan University because of the benefits it provides.

The Problem

The Approach

The Solution

I can look at what [students] actually said and how they responded. I can read their writing to the prompts. I can watch their spoken review.

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