In 2016, Agape English Language Institute needed to find an English proficiency exam to assess new students as part of the initial course placement. Agape had tried multiple exams; however, none fully met their needs. The institute was looking for a new English proficiency exam that would provide comprehensive testing to help staff make informed decisions about student placement. Full assessments using traditional pencil-and-paper testing were labor-intensive, requiring hours of additional work, and were open to subjective grading, so Agape wanted an online exam that could streamline testing for Grammar, Reading, and Listening, while allowing them to continue assessing Speaking and Writing in-house. After a thorough search and analysis of the available testing options, Agape English Language Institute decided to implement the iTEP Academic-Core as their primary English proficiency exam. The iTEP online Academic-Core exam evaluated students in Grammar, Reading, and Listening. The results, known as the iTEP Score Reports, were comprehensive and objectively graded. Additionally, the iTEP Score Reports provided CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) equivalencies that matched Agape’s course levels and made placement highly efficient.

The Problem

The Approach

The Solution

The auto-grading is very nice: the fact that we don’t have to get our little bubble sheets out, and mark the scores, and count them up and stuff. It’s a lot faster and more accurate.

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