Summit Christian Academy in Kansas City, Missouri, USA decided a new English language proficiency exam was needed when they realized how difficult it was to understand international student examinees’ scores and translate the scores into specific language strengths and weaknesses. Results from the Academy’s test being used at the time only gave a total score with a CEFR (Common European Frame of Reference for languages) score. It lacked the comprehensive and in-depth assessment of student skills Summit Christian Academy required for their international student application process and personalized English language curriculum. The academy desired a test with more detailed results suited for multiple purposes. The new test also had to be affordable for both the school and students, who incurred multiple additional costs in their educational pursuit. Upon learning about iTEP’ s detailed results, versatility, and affordability at a conference, International Program Director Kathy Tharp chose to implement iTEP SLATE (Secondary Level Assessment Test of English) in its Plus form at Summit Christian Academy. Now, Summit Christian Academy utilizes the iTEP SLATE-Plus exam for assessing international student applicants, tracking current student progress, developing personalized course instruction, and providing documentation for student accommodations during ACT testing.

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The detail of the iTEP score report really helps for what we do in the classroom with those objectives and helping movement in our international students to meet their goals of proficiency in English

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