For years, Southern Utah University relied on student-provided test scores to place international students in their Intensive English Program (IEP). Accepted students would present their test scores upon arrival at the university. However, this placement method did not work when students arrived without test scores or when the test scores they brought were not compatible with the school’s system. Staff at the university’s American Language and Culture Center, which runs the IEP, decided they needed a new method to assess and place incoming students. In 2014, they found their solution: the iTEP Academic-Plus exam. This exam offered easy, flexible testing with quick results and comprehensive scores for accurate placement. Since 2014, iTEP has continued to support Southern Utah University and its international students. Most recently, iTEP began providing exam preparation materials to the university’s international students. The goal is to help students perform to the best of their ability by allowing them to become more familiar with the exam’s rules, regulations, and setup in their native language. iTEP also donated several exams to the university’s exam challenge opportunity which enables students to show significant improvements in their skills and jump to a higher English course or enter one of the university’s degree programs.

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The Solution

We don’t have to spend any time grading exams, so we can just administer the exams on campus, and that makes it easier for us.

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