Upon noticing the lack of progressive advancement of their citizens in the global market, in 2014 the Colombian government instituted an English language proficiency requirement for all undergraduate and graduate students as part of their university degree programs. The national education goal is intended to prepare students for greater job opportunities and career growth by removing the English language barrier. In accordance with the national educational goal and the University’s own desire to provide the highest level of academic instruction and preparation for their students, El Bosque University needed a way to accurately, efficiently, and economically test every student’s English language proficiency prior to graduation. The correct testing product would require a proven assessment format, an easy implementation process, fair pricing, and global use and recognition of the exam. Additionally, the English language proficiency requirements varied greatly by academic discipline within the institution making a university-generated exam arduous and rendering it all but useless to the students outside of the graduation requirement. At the time, Dr. Marta Montiel was the coordinator for the Language Center at El Bosque University and responsible for identifying and implementing a testing solution. Her choice: iTEP – The International Test of English Proficiency. With a proven track record, a responsive and supportive team, an attractive price point, and a global reputation, iTEP checked every box and has been the university’s official English language proficiency exam ever since.

The Problem

The Approach

The Solution

The iTEP test content is continually updated, developing every year; it’s always improving, making it very dynamic. The help and customer support that iTEP’s team provides was also important to us.

Dr. Marta Montiel, Dean of the Faculty of Education at El Bosque University

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