Testing for Corporations

Successful companies rely on employees who display effective communication skills. This is specially important for non-native English speakers. This is where we come in, iTEP is used by hundreds of companies to evaluate their employees because it is:


  • Content Specific: We offer English tests for companies to match a wide range of industries. You can pick the best test for your industry, so the vocabulary and scenarios match your workplace. In this way, you get results that matter.
  • Accurate: Our detailed scoring makes it easy to understand employee capabilities. So you can let your best communicators be the face of your company.
  • Customizable:  make it match your brand with our “white-label” services which are available upon request.
  • Convenient: Our tests last anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on test-type. Scores are ready within 24 hours and since it’s online, employees can take it anywhere: at home, at work, or at a test center.


Which test should I choose?
iTEP tests are versatile, accurate, and available for candidates to take at home, in the office, or at a certified iTEP test center. The following are some of the professional level iTEP tests you may find fit your needs best.