Testimonial – Summit Christian Academy

iTEP International has maintained a strong partnership with Summit Christian Academy since 2016 when the school began using the iTEP SLATE-Plus exam in its International Program. The exam allowed the program staff to understand students’ English language abilities in more detail and to create a personalized English curriculum for each student.

Testimonial – Baylor International Study Centre

We use the iTEP Academic-Plus English language proficiency test as part of our approach to ensuring accurate placement in our 3-level EAP pathway, where students take both English
classes and university core classes.

Testimonial – Norfolk Christian School

iTEP’s partnership with Norfolk Christian Schools began in 2014 as the school’s international program was becoming more established. The school needed a way to accurately understand students’ abilities for class placement.

iTEP Case Study: Southern Utah University

With accurate scores, fast results, and a high level of flexibility, the iTEP Academic-Plus has proved itself to be an ideal solution for Southern Utah University.

iTEP Launches Social English Exam SEE

SEE Exam

The Social English Exam measures your ability to understand and respond using English in different social situations with native English speakers.

iTEP in Haiti: The Language Link

iTEP in Haiti Cover

iTEP’s admissions testing helps Liberty University and the Baptist Haiti Mission (BHM) train and educate the youth of Haiti.

iTEP: A Family Tradition in Brazil

What started out as a once-in-a-lifetime exchange opportunity has become a family tradition with the Avila Bartholo using iTEP testing

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