iTEP Growth in the Middle East

The popularity and reach of iTEP are rapidly expanding in the Middle East. iTEP Executive Director Michael Salenko traveled last month to Iraq, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia to meet with distributors, institutions and government officials. In addition to visiting many high-level institutions in Riyadh, Michael held training sessions with iTEP Saudi Arabian distributor SOUKS HR Solutions. […]

The Future of Study Abroad

The British Council recently released a report titled, ” The future of the world’s mobile students to 2024.” The PIE News has a handy breakdown of the 45-page document, which predicts the total number of students studying abroad rising from just over 3 million in 2011 to more than 3.8 million in 2024. This growth […]

iTEP Leadership in the Middle East

February found iTEP President Sharif Ossayran and Chairman Perry Akins trotting the other side of the globe, helping expand the reach of the world’s most innovative English proficiency exam. Sharif started in Istanbul, where he met with the test’s primary distributor in that city, Osman Nuri Eroglu, owner of Istanbul Language Center, a group of […]