University Puts Paper-Based iTEP to Use in China

Since its inception in 2008, iTEP has been an Internet-based test. However, because some institutions prefer paper-based tests, Boston Educational Services began offering a paper version of the iTEP Core exams. Fort Hays State University has been putting these analog exams to good use in China. The Kansas-based school runs a program in China where […]

The Evolution of English Proficiency Testing

Three years ago, the Chronicle of Higher Education published  this article about English proficiency testing. It’s still very relevant with a great deal of history of the field, stats, and profiles of different approaches for both the business and science of testing. Yet, a lot has changed in three years. The number of players has […]

iTEP Live Streaming Thwarts “Time Transfer” Cheats

The recent discovery of a common method of cheating on TOEFL, particularly tests taken within the US, has caused some institutions to announce that they are no longer accepting TOEFL scores for admissions. We at iTEP wanted to take a moment to reassure our community that iTEP is not vulnerable to this form of cheating […]