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Prepare for The Test

Practice Test 1

Preview Test - Free​

The Preview Test is 100% free and will take you through the process of sitting for a real iTEP test. You will see question samples for all sections and get an idea of how you should prepare to give good answers while keeping the timer in mind. This test is generalized and will not provide you with a score report.

Practice Test 2

Subject Practice Tests​

The Subject Practice Tests will allow you to choose from a high school, college, or business version of the practice test. Although the writing and speaking parts are not graded, the score report you receive will give you a good idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Practice Book 1

Preparation Guide

The most comprehensive tool to help you prepare for the iTEP test! The iTEP Prep-Guide will evaluate your skills in grammar, listening comprehension, and reading comprehension. Speaking and writing prompts will be provided for self-evaluation.

Practice Book 2

Practice Guide

The Practice Guide is our latest prep material, published in 2019 by iTEP and crafted with love by an impressive team of academics. The focus of the Practice Guide is on active exercises, question samples, and tests you can take to refine your skills.

Prep Course 1

iPrep Academic Plus Self-Paced Course

This is a self-paced course that enables students to practice and prepare for the iTEP Academic Plus exam. Learning modules include: Introduction to iTEP and practice exam, Listening Section, Reading Section, Writing Section, & Speaking Section + Practice Test.

Prep Course 2

iPrep Academic Plus Self-Paced Course + Test ID

This is a self-paced course that enables students to practice and prepare for the iTEP Academic Plus exam. Only join this course if you have previously purchased an Academic Plus COMBO PACKAGE test from our website.

Tianjin AE Technology Company Profile

Steven Chen, the founder of Tianjin AE Technology Company, is taking advantage of a unique Chinese higher education system model to promote iTEP English language proficiency exams in 12 Chinese provinces. Chen’s new distributorship agreement with iTEP has already tested 1,700 students in China.

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Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Established: Wisconsin Lutheran is the oldest Lutheran high school in the United States, established in 1903. The international program officially started in 1973 when the school applied with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service to enroll international students. Learn more about our partner.

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