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This is a self-paced course that enables students to practice and prepare for the iTEP Academic Plus exam. Save money – buy the course and test ID together!

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Test O’zbekistondami? Esda tutingki, iTEP faqat O‘zbekistondatasdiqlangan test markazida o‘tkaziladigan imtihonlarni sertifikatlashimumkin — Batafsil ma’lumot

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The iTEP Academic Prep Course helps students succeed on the iTEP Academic-plus exam with 30+ hours of instruction and practice. In the 8 content modules, students get in-depth looks at all aspects of the iTEP Academic-plus test along with two official practice tests, dozens of in-line practice questions, explanations of test-taking strategies, and much, much more.


You will have 60 days to complete this course. Included in this listing purchase is the prep course AND an official iTEP Academic Plus exam. iTEP tests are graded and completed within 24 hours. However, if there is a technical difficulty or suspicion of cheating, your test may take longer to be completed.


iTEP testing IDs are valid for 12 months and are nonrefundable. iTEP testing results are valid for two years.

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