Testing Made Easy

Which Test To Choose?

That depends on what you needs are. Whether you’re testing at the secondary, post secondary, or IEP level, iTEP has a test that fits your exact needs. Our tests are flexible and enable you to choose the proficiency skills you think your students will benefit the most from. Our most popular academic choices are found below.

iTEP Academic

University-Level Assessment

Our university-level test features CEFR range A1-C2 and evaluates five proficiency skills within 90 minutes.


Secondary school Assessment

Content adapted to the need of teens and pre-teens. This test evaluates five active skills within 90 minutes.

iTEP Snapshot

Pre-Arrival Testing

Use Snapshot for in-country at-a-glance, English language proficiency testing of incoming students.

iTEP Snapshot Jr.

5th to 11th Grade Assessment

Use Snapshot Jr. for 5th through 11th grade in-country English language proficiency testing.