Secondary Level

iTEP SLATE: designed for high schools, middle schools, and boarding schools. 

Post-Secondary Level

iTEP Academic: designed for universities, community colleges and Intensive English Programs. 

Admissions offices often worry that test scores don’t predict real language ability. They also wonder if those scores will predict which applicants will be good students. Here at iTEP, our focus is on giving institutions scores that reflect real world English abilities, a high iTEP score, therefore, means a good English speaker, and a great student. Our standards for security and academic reliability drive us to create the most accurate tool for English admissions testing.

iTEP partner institutions receive detailed score reports containing individual assessment for linguistic sub-skills within 24 hours.

iTEP is available on-demand all across the world. Students can schedule tests through our official Testing Centers or through our virtual proctoring service. 

We offer marketing spotlights for partner institutions. These will be featured all across our social media and partner networks. Additionally, Test-taker data, photos, test scores, and speaking and writing samples are available for partner institutions to review online any time.