iTEP to Provide Complimentary Admissions Testing for Ukrainian Students

Los Angles, California – iTEP International will work with its US and Canadian admissions partner colleges and universities to provide complimentary admissions testing to prospective Ukrainian students for the Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 semesters. Since many prospective students have been displaced from the Ukraine to Poland, or other parts of Europe, iTEP will provide complimentary Academic Plus exams for at-home admissions testing, so that location is not an issue. iTEP’s Academic Plus exam is a highly secure online test that requires no scheduling and can be taken anywhere at any time.

“We have heard from several of our partner schools that they are working on processing applications of prospective Ukrainian students. While iTEP can’t assist with immigration or legal issues, we can help provide safe, flexible, and secure admissions testing,” Jim Brosam II., iTEP International President stated.
With the current international recruitment season underway, iTEP will facilitate at-home, remote admissions testing, free of charge, in collaboration with its partner schools for any eligible applicant for the Summer and Fall semester sessions. In addition to colleges and universities, iTEP will provide the same testing option, using the SLATE Plus At-home, for middle/high school partners.

“We are in touch with our partner schools and standing by ready to assist their prospective students from Ukraine. We will dispense the iTEP tests free of charge through the international admissions offices, and then our iTEP guarantee of official score reports in 24 hours or less will be in effect no matter when or where the test is taken,” noted Brosam.

For more information, or for your school to participate, contact:
Sherry Mazin, US Business Development Manager

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