Test Prep: Exercise Your Writing Skills


Nothing makes writing in a foreign language easier than practice. When you write, there are so many decisions to make. What is the correct word here? How is it spelled? How do a conjugate this verb? It’s enough to cause anxiety! However, the more you practicing making these decisions, the better you become. Your writing starts to flow freely, and that’s when you perform your best.

Whether you have already taken iTEP or are planning to, it’s a good idea to keep your English writing skills sharp. This exercise from the Official iTEP Preparation Guide is a great way to practice in just 20 minutes!

Try planning and writing a response in 20 minutes to each question. These are examples of actual writing prompts used in iTEP Academic.

1. Certain countries protect their native industries by imposing heavy tariffs on imported goods. Other countries encourage imports in order to ensure their citizens access to as many goods as possible. Should countries be allowed to impose high tariffs on imports or should all countries allow each other free access to their markets? What do you think? Give reasons and examples to support your opinion.

2. Often former government regulators are offered jobs by the industries that they had previously been overseeing. Critics say that this is a conflict of interest, while others say it’s not justifiable to restrict individuals’ actions once they’ve left public service. What do you think? Give reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Some tips to keep in mind

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