iTEP Receives Award for Educational Excellence in India

The Indus Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering the students of India for accessing the best educational and career opportunities in the world, honored iTEP with its Award for Educational Excellence last month. Jemal Idris, Founder and Managing Director of Acumen International and iTEP board member, accepted the award during the Indus Foundation’s Indo-Global Education Summit, which took place in six major cities during November.

iTEP was featured at all six sites, and Jemal was the guest of honor and gave the keynote address in Bangalore. Boston Educational services in collaboration with iTEP India recently conducted a study in which more than 30 colleges and universities and over 2300 students across seven Indian states participated. The study addresses the English proficiency level of college and university students in India.

While 70% of educators say young people are ready to work, less than half of employers and young job-seekers agree. This often has to do with English ability. Less than half of Indian engineering graduates, for example, possess a sufficient grasp of English terms frequently used in the workplace.

Through administering iTEP exams, the study found that on average, a young Indian’s strongest English skills are speaking, reading and writing, while grammar and listening lag behind. The study will be expanded to cover five more states this year. BES Plans to conduct similar studies in other countries soon.

“All of us at iTEP are honored that our exams and Jemal’s extremely valuable and impressive work have been recognized on such a high level,” says iTEP Chairman, Perry Akins.

iTEP was also recently accredited by the Indian government and featured in Indian media.

The Future of Study Abroad

The British Council recently released a report titled, ” The future of the world’s mobile students to 2024.” The PIE News has a handy breakdown of the 45-page document, which predicts the total number of students studying abroad rising from just over 3 million in 2011 to more than 3.8 million in 2024.

This growth will likely be mirrored in the market for English proficiency testing, since, according to the report, the US will remain the top destination for students studying outside their home country. An IIE spokesman points out that with more than 4000 institutions of higher learning, the US can simply accommodate more students than the UK or Australia, which also ranked highly on the list of destinations.

Within a decade, the report predicts, China and India will account for about a third of the world’s outbound international student population. Countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia, and Turkey–all of which are home to iTEP test centers–will also contribute greater numbers. China will become a top host destination as well, the report says.

iTEP Accredited by Indian Government, Featured in Indian Media

India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development recently accredited iTEP and plans to implement it in a career training and certification program that will reach one million young people over the next year.

The India Express announced the partnership in its August 5 edition, calling iTEP “an innovative assessment tool which provides its users with unmatched efficiency, convenience, comprehensiveness and affordability.”

India is the latest country to use iTEP for a large-scale government initiative, following Colombia and Saudi Arabia who have done the same in recent years.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the government of India, and honored that a major Indian news outlet has already taken note,” says iTEP Chairman Perry Akins. “We hope to give them more good news to report.”