Southern Utah University Uses iTEP Prep Guide as Text Book
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At BES, we call all institutions that accept iTEP for admissions partner schools. We mean it, too. We created iTEP because we felt English assessment testing in its previous form didn’t work well for anyone involved. We view everyone who joins us as a partner in a better future where education is more accessible.

So, it’s no surprise that we love to hear from our partner schools and team up with them however we can. Southern Utah University recently contacted us about a very exciting and important program.

With generous financial assistance from a regional bank, Zions Bank Corp, SUU has set up a community ed-type program to help individuals from the local community, who are in the process of earning the GED and who have limited resources, move forward with their employment and educational aspirations. This program fills a gap in the services provided in the area by assisting these individuals in improving their English language skills to the point that they can fulfill the English language requirement for admission to undergraduate degree programs at Southern Utah University. The service is provided at a greatly reduced cost to the students, and the English language portion uses the  Official iTEP Preparation Guide as the textbook.

What a great idea! The program starts this month. We were so thrilled to hear that SUU had decided to use the iTEP Prep Guide as the textbook for the English language portion of instruction, that we volunteered to provide the books for free. We’re also currently seeking partners to provide free or reduced cost English exams to refugees in Turkey who wish to apply to US schools, and we have offered to provide free tests to institutions in North America who need to assess local immigrant applicants. If you or your organization has a creative idea and you need our help, please reach out!

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