Another First for iTEP: the Social English Exam

In 2008, iTEP (International Test of English Proficiency) made history by introducing the first fully Internet-based all-skills English language assessment test, the iTEP Academic exam. This exam allowed non-native English speakers to securely assess their English fluency on-demand from anywhere in the world without traveling to a testing center. Since then, iTEP has created an assortment of fully online tests for secondary school students, au pairs, interns, and professionals in business, government, and hospitality. Now, iTEP is introducing another industry first with its latest “pragmatic”/ social language assessment, the Social English Exam or SEE. And the best part is – it’s FREE!

The Social English Exam is not a language fluency exam. Instead, it measures your ability to understand and respond using English in different social situations with native English speakers. Whether you are meeting new people at a school event, getting to know new co-workers, or making an impression on a new business client – if you misread English in a social setting, then you could make a costly mistake. You could be called rude and lose a client, create tension with your co-workers, or miss opportunities to have meaningful, international friendships. The best way to avoid these outcomes is to understand your abilities as a social English user.

By taking iTEP’s Social English Exam, you can gain a basic understanding of your social English skills for free. Your SEE results will tell you if you are a social English expert or if you need to practice your skills. SEE is available for all non-native English speakers of all ages, fluency levels, and professions.

You will be given 20 assessment questions which usually take 10 minutes to answer. SEE results are shown immediately after completion. Your results are confidential and are not sent to any educational institutions. They are yours to keep for yourself or to share and review with friends.
Test Your English for Free

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the Social English Exam. You can take the assessment as many times as you want. iTEP’s team of linguists and ESL specialists will update the exam from time-to-time. You can retake the SEE to try new assessment questions or to earn a better score.

Go to the website to take your free Social English Exam and learn about your social English skills today!

iTEP is a United States-based company that provides English proficiency exams and innovative testing solutions to the international education community. Founded in 2002 by international education academics Sharif Ossayran and Perry Atkins, the company now partners with universities, K-12 schools, and businesses throughout the United States and around the world.

iTEP’s products are accurate and affordable. Plus, they offer the opportunity for secure online testing from anywhere. All test results are provided within 24 hours and include a detailed score report for core language skills as well as important language sub-skills.

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