iTEP Snapshot Jr.

5th to 11th Grade English Assessment

Need to test your students BEFORE they arrive on-campus? Use Snapshot Jr. for 5th through 11th grade in-country English language proficiency testing. The online Snapshot Jr. exam covers Grammar, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and is aligned to CEFR.
Pre-arrival ESL assessment with score reports in 24-hours guaranteed!

About the Snapshot Jr.

  • Intended for 5th through 11th grade evaluations
  • One hour in length (60 minutes)
  • Includes Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking
  • Register online and pay iTEP directly – there is no cost to schools
  • Students take test in-country before arrival to campus
  • Score reports are delivered directly to partner schools within 24 hours matched to CEFR levels
  • Speaking and Writing sections graded by ESL professionals (not computer software)
  • School has access to students’ Speaking and Writing sections
  • Fotosure security software ensures exam integrity.

Need to practice first?

The Snapshot Jr. practice test is geared towards young people who need accurate results for pre-arrival academic placement. It assesses grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking within 60 minutes.

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