Through a partnership with new iTEP distributor MK Consultoria em Idiomas, iTEP will be widely available for the first time in Brazil. “We are very happy to have found a partner capable of making our tests available to students and institutions throughout this key market,” says iTEP President Jemal Idris. MK Consultoria em Idiomas has more than 100 test centers in the Brazil. The company issued the following statement:

MK Consultoria em Idiomas provides solutions in foreign languages and is a reference in the segment of proficiency tests for the corporate and academic areas. Founded in 2004, the company has supported students to pursue global opportunities in education by offering the highest quality customer service based on strong local expertise.

In the consultancy area, MK designs specific projects according to the client’s need, aligning the strategy of the language policy program with talent management through cultural and linguistic competencies, making communication a competitive advantage.

In the constant search for innovative and quality products, MK Consultoria has chosen iTEP due to the easiness of administration, detailed score report and the possibility to access the test taker’s answer. This last feature may help decision makers in admission or recruitment process when test takers have similar skills, in addition to allowing teachers to monitor the progress of students if used with academic purposes.

iTEP is suitable for the Brazilian market because it is administered on demand, takes up to 90 minutes and has fast scoring. The recognition as an international exam and the acceptance by over 600 institutions open more opportunities for Brazilians to study abroad. The cost of international exams has also been an obstacle for students and iTEP has the best cost-benefit in our market.

In addition to Academic, Slate and Business tests, iTEP is also unique for offering exams for specific segments such as Hospitality and Au-Pair programs. Brazil recently hosted the World Cup and this year will host the Olympics – these international events brought a national sense about the importance of English and certifications.

iTEP exam has been successful in international markets and it will fulfill the gaps of assessments in Brazil. Innovation, price and close customer service are key in our region and MK Consultoria has always had the support of Boston Educational Services to respond to the demands of our market.