iTEP Gains Official Government Recognition in Mexico

SEP CeNNI photo (08MAY19)
From left to right, Michael Salenko (vice President, iTEP Mexico), Maria del Carmen Salvatori Bronca (Director, DGAIR/CeNNI), Carlos Aceves (Northern Director, iTEP Mexico)

iTEP International is pleased to announce that the Mexican General Directorate for Accreditation, Incorporation, and Revalidation (Spanish acronym: DGAIR) has officially approved iTEP exams to evaluate, accredit, and certify English as a foreign language throughout the country of Mexico. This formal approval was granted to iTEP after a thorough review process undertaken by DGAIR.

With this government recognition, iTEP joins the National Framework of Reference for the evaluation and certification of languages through the National Certification of Language Level (Spanish acronym: CENNI), which approves in Mexico qualified English tests to reliably and objectively determine English language proficiency levels. 

The iTEP Advantage

iTEP Academic-Plus is the most complete and preferred evaluation for many Mexican institutions, and now that we are part of the CENNI family, we will soon be the first and most reliable choice for all of Mexico,” stated Michael Salenko, Vice President, iTEP Intl. – Mexico.

 “As iTEP continues to expand globally, receiving formal approval of our exams in each country that we provide testing to is a critical goal. This government recognition further validates the use of iTEP testing in-country to educational institutions and companies as well as to potential test takers. This is an area we are continually working on to make certain iTEP exams are officially recognized world-wide,” Said Perry Akins, Chairman of iTEP Intl.

The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) was introduced in 2008 to modernize English language assessment with on-demand scheduling, 24 hour grading, and accurate test data. iTEP provides a convenient and cost-effective testing option delivered in a highly secure environment.

iTEP offers a variety of assessment tools for university and secondary school admissions and ESL placement, hiring and employee assessment (including tests for specific industries), and iTEP Conversation, which assesses conversation skills in 30 minutes. All iTEP exams are graded by certified and trained native English speakers.

More than 800 colleges, universities, middle/high schools, and boarding schools in the USA and Canada accept iTEP results for admissions. Applicants can take iTEP at more than 500 test centers in 61 countries. iTEP International is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.