Since its inception in 2008, iTEP has been an Internet-based test. However, because some institutions prefer paper-based tests, Boston Educational Services began offering a paper version of the iTEP Core exams.

Fort Hays State University has been putting these analog exams to good use in China. The Kansas-based school runs a program in China where students can obtain a degree from FHSU while doing most of their studies in their home country. Because this program necessitates testing large numbers of students at the same time, FHSU finds the paper-based  iTEP Academic-Core to be the best option for their placement needs.

The paper-based version of our iTEP Academic-Core exam evaluates the same skills (reading, listening, grammar) as the Institutional TOEFL exam (TOEFL ITP), but does so at a fraction of the cost, with less administration time, and quicker delivery of results.

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