Norfolk Christian School is a private Christian college prep school located in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Its international program offers short-term cultural experiences as well as long-term placement for students looking to graduate from an American high school. Norfolk Christian Schools has welcomed students from countries around the world including Nicaragua, Brazil, Togo, South Sudan, Germany, Sweden, the Philippines, and Japan.
iTEP’s partnership with Norfolk Christian Schools began in 2014 as the school’s international program was becoming more established. The school needed a way to accurately understand students’ abilities for class placement. The iTEP SLATE-Core was the perfect solution.

International Program Director Christopher Chacko oversees the international program in addition to teaching several ESL classes each semester. The iTEP SLATE-Core has proven to be a valuable tool for Director Chacko and his team when placing students within their international program. With the iTEP exam, they gain a deeper understanding of a student’s abilities through which they can place students in the correct classes. If a student has weaker English skills, Director Chacko can also use the student’s score report to create an academic support system to help them succeed.

What I appreciate about the test that we use is the breakdown into the different skill areas. The more specific it can be the more valuable it is for me. The more data I can pull from it, the better, and so, I do appreciate what is there in terms of being able to see it.

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