My iTEP Scores


My iTEP Scores

Hundreds of institutions around the world accept iTEP English test scores. So the institution you want to apply at probably does too. In order to check,  please select your type of institution, below:

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How do I see my test scores?

Please contact your testing center to receive your iTEP scores. 

Can I request for my score to be re-evaluated? 

iTEP test takers are able to request a score review within 30 days of the test’s completion. Only scoring for writing and speaking may be reviewed and scores may only be reviewed one time. Reviews may result in higher or lower scores, and the adjusted score will become the score of record. Scores that have already been reported to a third-party such as a institution or business may not be reviewed. The score review process takes one week and test-takers will be notified as to the score review outcome. Click here to submit your review application!

Costs for score review:

  • Writing section review: $40
  • Speaking section review: $40
  • Both writing and speaking: $80

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