iTEP Prep Tip: Interviewing the Passage


During the reading section of iTEP, it’s important to use a technique called “interviewing the passage” by asking yourself “What?” “Who?” and “Why?” Try it with the passage below. Who person is speaking? What is she talking about? How do you know?

I’m not very happy with my schedule of classes this year. I have algebra right after lunch. And right after I eat lunch, I always feel really tired. On Monday, I actually fell asleep during class! Last year, my mathematics class was at eight o’ clock in the morning and I had a study period after lunch. I feel a lot fresher in the morning, and I got a really good grade in math last year. I’m going to talk to my advisor this afternoon to try to change my schedule.

What is the passage about? A person is not happy with her schedule.
What is her problem? She has more energy in the morning than she has after lunch.
Who is she? She never directly tells us, but we can infer that she must be a student.
Why? She explains that she needs to fix her class schedule.

Asking these questions as you read will help you be ready to answer questions about the passage as soon as you are finished. For more tips for preparing to take iTEP, follow us on social media using the links on the side of the page or order a copy of the Official iTEP Preparation Guide.

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