Still using SLEP? Time to switch to iTEP SLATE


Since ETS retired the SLEP exam in 2012, hundreds of high schools, boarding schools, and academies have switched to iTEP SLATE, a powerful English test designed for secondary school-age students.

In fact, the number of schools using iTEP SLATE tripled the year following the retirement of SLEP. However, SLEP is still being phased out at many schools throughout North America. St. Michaels University School in Victoria, British Columbia, recently made the switch, and an administrator there offered the following testimonial:

Students participate in our program for 2-6 weeks. Two weeks is pretty short. If you’re placed in the wrong level it’s not very constructive. As a result, we take English assessment very seriously.

There are a lot for the post-secondary English learners these days, but there aren’t many English tests designed specifically for these students. We had been using SLEP, but that’s quite an outdated instrument.

We needed something immediate that was also standardized, so we decided to use iTEP SLATE-Core and supplement it with a writing sample. We find it works very well for us. It’s very user friendly and has really helped us do accurate placements.

–  Dawn Wilson, Director Education Extension & International Programs at St. Michaels University School.

One part of this story that we’re particularly proud of is how St. Michaels uses iTEP SLATE in conjunction with their own writing assessment. Our goal is for iTEP to be the most flexible English exam on the market so that administrators can use our tests however best suits their program.