Certificate Tests

General Evaluation

The iTEP Certificate Tests are a suite of evaluations designed to give users a clear picture of test-taker proficiency at different levels of fluency in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Over 1,000 educational institutions around the world partner with iTEP.

What is the structure of the test?

  • iTEP Foundation: Evaluates test takers at the A1-A2 (elementary) level. Skills evaluated include grammar, listening, vocabulary, and reading.
  • iTEP Essential: Evaluates at the A1-B2 (intermediate) level. Skills evaluated include grammar, listening, vocabulary, and reading.
  • iTEP Essential-Plus: built as an expansion of iTEP Essential, the test adds writing and speaking to the evaluated skills of iTEP Essential.
  • iTEP Advanced: Evaluates at the C1-C1+ (advanced) levels. Skills evaluated include grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, and speaking.

How are the tests administered?

The iTEP tests are online and on-demand, available 24/7 with no need for scheduling. Tests can also be taken at authorized public test centers or proctored at computer labs situated in companies/schools when authorized by iTEP.

How long does a test take to complete?

  • Foundation: 30 minutes
  • Essential: 60 minutes (with “Plus” optional feature the time extends to 90 minutes)
  • Advanced: 90 minutes

which institutions are using itep Academic?

We have partner institutions all around the world, and our list of partners is always growing. To see a current list of institutions who accept iTEP, please click here. Interested in becoming a partner school? Apply today.

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