At iTEP International, we view our iTEP exams as aptitude tests. They’re not meant to be studied for–they measure the language skills the test-taker already possesses.

For this reason, we do not produce a wide variety of preparation materials. In fact, we believe that our new Official iTEP Preparation Guide is fully sufficient on its own to help students prepare. The Prep Guide, which is now available for sale on Amazon and CreateSpace, includes two full practice tests, one taken at the beginning as a diagnostic, the other taken at the end as a comparison. The book includes a link to take these tests online, just like the real iTEP exam.

The grammar, reading, and listening sections of the test are graded automatically, and the test-takers self-grade their speaking and writing sections, giving them a clear understanding of how their answers will be evaluated. Completing the Prep Guide enables test-takers to focus purely on the content of questions when they sit for the official exam, rather than acclimating themselves to the format of the test, or trying to guess how their speaking and writing samples will be judged.

The Prep Guide is priced at just under $27 USD.

iTEP Official Preparation Guide on Amazon

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