More than 300 US colleges and universities accept iTEP results as proof of English proficiency, and an increasing number have now become iTEP test centers too.  Most recently, 15 Argosy University campuses began operating as iTEP test centers.  The schools have accepted iTEP results from applicants for years, and now will now be able to securely administer the exam on-site as well.

iTEP is already famously easy to schedule, but institutions that are also test centers can schedule tests on-demand, enabling them to assess and place students into programs on-site and immediately. In addition, schools that are iTEP test centers can have access to the test-taker’s data, including the actual speaking and writing responses produced in each test.

There are currently iTEP test centers in 32 countries throughout the world, and this new trend among American institutions is greatly increasing the availability of the exams in the US.

For most schools, it’s very easy to become a test center. Please contact your iTEP representative to find out more.

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