Many of you have been inquiring about preparation materials for the iTEP exams.  Following our Press Release from last month, we are happy to announce the official launch of our iTEP Preparation Guide!  Through the use of screenshots, examples, and exercises, “the Guide” provides examinees with the opportunity to become familiar with the format of iTEP exams, and helps increase overall English language proficiency.

The iTEP Prep Guide is available as a free digital download from the “Downloads” section on our website:  A limited number of hard copies are also available for purchase from BES and iTEP Representatives.  While the digital download of the Guide is free, BES recommends examinees purchase the two iTEP Prep-Plus exams mentioned in the Guide to increase the learning experience.  These two iTEP Prep-Plus exams serve as Diagnostic and Comparison tools respectively, and are available for purchase as a bundle for $40 total.  Please contact BES or your local iTEP Representative to inquire about purchasing and taking the two iTEP Prep-Plus exams.

Please see our website now and download the Guide and accompanying audio files.  We look forward to your feedback.  Thank you for your support of iTEP!

You can now purchase the Official iTEP Preparation Guide online here:

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