Due to the COVID-19 public health issue testing with Examity has been suspended. We are able to offer you a solution for your testing, however, through our iTEP Virtual Proctoring. This is in-home testing for international admissions. Please see click here.

iTEP With Examity

Convenience on a whole new level

By combining their unique capabilities, iTEP International and Examity — the lead provider of remote proctoring services– are proud to make iTEP’s effective and widely-used English language evaluations more accessible to anyone with a reliable internet connection, anywhere in the world. 

How does it work?

In many places throughout the world, traveling to an established center to complete an admissions test can be a major undertaking. For institutions that would like to provide potential test-takers with greater ease of access to testing, the iTEP with Examity option makes perfect sense: 

Test-takers can apply to take an iTEP With Examity test. Applications are approved as long as there are no existing Certified iTEP Test Centers. ​

After an orientation and technical verification process, test-takers register with Examity and schedules the iTEP exam best suited for them at a time of their choosing.​

At the appointment time, test-takers log into Examity and are connected with their Examity proctor to review rules and protocols.​

Proctors at Examity closely monitor the test-taker throughout the entire duration of the iTEP test, ensuring that the testing environment is secure and that rules and protocols are followed.​