Since its launch in 2010, iTEP SLATE has rapidly gained acceptance among institutions in the US and beyond. The English proficiency assessment tool was designed by Boston Educational Services specifically for middle and high school-age students. It offers flexible scheduling, an affordable price point and quick results.

On June 30th, the SLEP exam was retired, which left some high schools, boarding schools, academies, and language institutes with the difficult task of replacing an exam they had become accustomed to. “We’ve had a lot of interest in the last two weeks from institutions that were using SLEP,” says BES President Perry Akins. “They see this as an opportunity to upgrade to a test that assesses more skills and has more secure grading and administration procedures.”

iTEP SLATE tests students reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking skills via an Internet-based exam. “We are excited about the opportunity for our high-quality exam to reach more institutions, and help them streamline the way they assess the English proficiency of young learners.” says Akins.

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