iTEP Brings “Superior Product” to Colombian Language Assessment Market

iTEP (International Test of English Proficiency) is now exclusively distributed in Colombia by eDistribution S.A.S, which has facilitated large-scale language education initiatives reaching millions of Colombian students. eDistribution works in partnership with the Colombian government as well as educational institutions and private companies.

“iTEP is a proven resource used by governments around the world for major language, hiring, and education programs,” says iTEP International President Jemal Idris. “In eDistribution, we have a partner perfectly positioned to implement our English assessment tools on a wide scale.”

“iTEP offers high quality, very accurate exams,” says eDistribution President Laura Victoria Zabala Jaramillo. “I see great potential in the Colombian market because iTEP obviously has a superior product.”

English language programs in Colombia may already be familiar with iTEP. The suite of English exams has been available through EduSource, the previous exclusive distributor in Colombia, for some time. EduSource will continue to distribute iTEP as a partner of eDistribution, iTEP’s exclusive distributor in Colombia.

About iTEP

The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) was introduced in 2008 to meet the need for a comprehensive English test that could be scheduled on demand. From the outset, it was decided the test had to be accurate, cost effective for students, scheduled at the students’ convenience, include all language skills, and be graded within 5 business days. There are currently several iTEP exams for different markets: iTEP Academic for higher education and intensive English programs, iTEP SLATE for secondary school students, iTEP Business for hiring and business applications, iTEP Hospitality for use in the hospitality industry, iTEP Au Pair for assessing au pair candidates, iTEP Intern for interns and entry level business hires, and iTEP Conversation, a new exam launched in 2016 to assess conversation skills in 30 minutes that is graded by certified and trained native English speakers (as are all iTEP exams). More than 700 colleges, universities, high schools, and boarding schools accept iTEP results for admissions. Applicants can take iTEP at 650 test centers in 49 countries. iTEP International is headquartered in Los Angeles.


About eDistribution S.A.S 

eDistribution S.A.S was founded in 2007 to support bilingual programs using new information technologies to benefit students and teachers. Through development of thousands of educational resources, partnerships with the Colombian government and major universities, and study abroad opportunities, eDistribution S.A.S has helped millions of students learn English as well as French, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) was introduced in 2008 to modernize English language assessment with on-demand scheduling, 24 hour grading, and accurate test data. iTEP provides a convenient and cost-effective testing option delivered in a highly secure environment.

iTEP offers a variety of assessment tools for university and secondary school admissions and ESL placement, hiring and employee assessment (including tests for specific industries), and iTEP Conversation, which assesses conversation skills in 30 minutes. All iTEP exams are graded by certified and trained native English speakers.

More than 800 colleges, universities, middle/high schools, and boarding schools in the USA and Canada accept iTEP results for admissions. Applicants can take iTEP at more than 500 test centers in 61 countries. iTEP International is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.