Intensive English Programs


Intensive English Programs

 We help prestigious Intensive English Programs across the country to accurately and efficiently place students, evaluate programs, and improve quality. We offer a wide range of English proficiency tests and analytical services for program administrators and teachers. By using these services, you can build a successful program. We provide quick and accurate placement of students with testing available both abroad and in-house. Our on-demand, internet-based English-language assessment takes 90 minutes or less. It is secure, reliable, and efficient – and competitively priced so that you can focus your resources on teaching.

Key Benefits of iTEP

Pre-arrival placement: The start of an IEP session can be taxing on educators and institutional resources. Coordinating staff allocation, testing sessions, determining the appropriate level for all incoming students, and assigning teachers all take up valuable time that could be best spent expediting lessons.

iTEP offers a solution. We assess students in their home country and provide you with a clear picture of what English level you should expect from each of your applicants. This way you can place students and organize your classes ahead of schedule.

At-home self-assessment: Attract students to you program by demystifying the placement process. Our Pre-Arrival services enable you to place a iTEP Diagnostic test link on your website. By making use of this, students can take an unofficial iTEP test and experience format and content similar to what they would expect to see on the full version test. Test-takers receive a full unofficial score report and institutions gain an insight into their prospective applicants, including biographical info, interest, and demographics.

Choosing the right English Proficiency Tests for your IEP

Our experts will discuss with you which service would be most suitable for your IEP, contact us to get started

Sign up for the iTEP Advantage:

  • Ensure the most accurate reflection of student proficiency.
  • Foster growth by placing your students in the appropriate level according to their skills.
  • Provide accurate and relevant information to program administrators and stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate to accrediting bodies the efficacy of your program.
  • Let iTEP provide objective answers about tough program questions.

Contact us to learn what iTEP has to offer. Our helpful advisors and pilot programs are a great tool to get you started on the path of affordable, efficient testing.

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