Changes to iTEP Exams Coming May 15

Making sure our tests are the best they can be is a top priority for BES. Based on feedback from our partners, we are implementing several small but very important improvements to our exams starting May 15.

Grammar First

iTEP exams contain up to five sections which presently occur in this order: reading, listening, grammar, writing, and speaking. Following our update on May 15, the reading and grammar sections will be swapped. The grammar section will appear first and the reading section third.

Overall, test-takers score higher on the grammar section than any other section of iTEP. By starting with the grammar section, we hope to give test-takers an opportunity to ease into the exam using the skill they are often the most comfortable with. We hope this will reduce test anxiety and provide a more accurate representation of the test-takers’ English ability.

Speaking Section Warm-Up

Since the speaking section occurs at the end of the exam, the test-taker has been silent for some 80 minutes before being prompted to speak. We found that performance in this section improved after the first question and reasoned that test-takers need a little time to warm up. In order to achieve a more accurate speaking section score, we are implementing a brief, one-minute warm up at the beginning of the section. The warm-up contains four very simple questions, the answers to which are not recorded. The overall test administration time remains 90 minutes for iTEP Academic-Plus, iTEP SLATE-Plus, and iTEP Business-Plus, and 30 minutes for iTEP Hospitality, iTEP Intern, and iTEP Au Pair.

Share Your Ideas

Both of these changes were suggested by our partners, and we would be very grateful for the feedback. If you have an idea of how iTEP can be improved, we would love to hear from you.

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