The most accessible tests on the market just got more flexible. Boston Educational Services — which specializes in reliable and efficient English proficiency exams — now offers customized tests to suit any need.

This new “white-label” option allows you to make iTEP’s innovative design and delivery method part of your organization. You can choose the name of the exam, put your logo on it, link to the exam from your website, and more. We can help you make an exam that focuses on the exact combination of skill assessments you would like to include (choose from reading, listening, grammar, writing, and speaking). Depending on your need, the exam can be administered at any location, including in the comfort of a test-taker’s home.

Schools, businesses, and English language programs all over the world are already using our white-labeled exams for everything from admissions to placement. Let us get started on the perfect test for you today.

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