iTEP Partner Institution


iTEP Partner Institution

Institutions that accept iTEP have taken an important step toward attracting potential students. Providing students with a convenient alternative to entry makes it easier for prospective students to report English language proficiency to your institution. With hundreds of secure test centers operating in key markets worldwide and a low retail price, iTEP allows prospective students to schedule a test at their convenience. 

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The best part about becoming a Partner Institution?

It is hassle free and of no cost to you. Simply fill out our Partner Application Form and submit it online. An iTEP representative will reach out to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can also contact us at any time to speak directly to a representative!

How are iTEP tests graded?

Our scoring methods and alignments are based on years of research. To learn more, and to see our competitor comparison charts, visit our iTEP Scores page here.

How will I receive applicant scores? 

Test-takers have the chance to select the partner institution they are applying to during their test registration page. The partner institution will then automatically receive emailed score reports from iTEP upon completion of tests. Alternatively, a partner institution can contact iTEP directly to receive a past score report. Begin accepting scores today.

How secure are iTEP tests?

iTEP leads the way in test security with preventative and post-testing security measures. To learn more about our full security measures click here.