ACEI and iTEP International launch initiative to help refugees get education, jobs

The Welcome Project is a joint endeavor by the Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc. (ACEI) and iTEP International, offering individuals classified as refugees assistance with the verification and evaluation of their international academic credentials for U.S. educational equivalence and determining their language proficiency through an approved language assessment test.

According to the UN Refugee Agency, as of 2017, there are more than 68 million people who have been displaced because of war, violence and persecution. In an effort to serve this displaced population already in the U.S., The Welcome Project© combines ACEI’s international credential verification and evaluation with iTEP’s English language proficiency test.

“As an international credential evaluation service provider, we see it as our responsibility and moral imperative to do our part to support the integration of refugees, where possible, by offering our expertise in this field, at the onset of their resettlement in the U.S.,” says Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert, President & CEO of ACEI. “By partnering with iTEP International through The Welcome Project©, we are able to combine our evaluation and English  language proficiency test capabilities at specially reduced fees to make it affordable and amenable to institutional and organizational clients.”

“We feel that through our combined expertise, individuals displaced by war and persecution will be able to receive recognition of their education achievements and language competency,” says Dan Lesho, Executive Vice-President of iTEP International. “This recognition will enable them to integrate into their new adopted community much faster as they set out to further their studies or qualify for jobs.”

The Welcome Project© is made available to U.S. schools, colleges and universities, and employers who wish to provide these vulnerable and displaced individuals access to education and employment by ensuring they meet academic and English language proficiency requirements.

About iTEP


The International Test of English Proficiency was introduced in 2008 to modernize English assessment with on-demand scheduling, fast scoring, and rich, accurate data. iTEP offers a variety of assessment tools for university and secondary school admissions and placement, hiring and employee assessment (including tests for specific industries) and iTEP Conversation, which assesses conversation skills in 30 minutes and is graded by certified and trained native English speakers (as are all iTEP exams). More than 750 colleges, universities, high schools, and boarding schools accept iTEP results for admissions. Applicants can take iTEP at more than 700 test centers in 51 countries. iTEP International is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

About ACEI

ACEI is dedicated to the advancement of international academic exchange and understanding through the dissemination of information on world educational systems and evaluation of international educational documents.

ACEI works closely with U.S. colleges and universities, Professional State Licensing Boards, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Immigration Division) and the Human Resource Departments of several U.S. corporations with the evaluation and verification of international educational credentials. Our organization is actively involved in the training and professional development of admissions officers at U.S. institutions and examiners at U.S. State Boards, as well as officials at U.S. government agencies on matters concerning world educational systems, credential evaluation, diploma mills, and detecting document fraud.

Contact Information:

Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc.
9461 Charleville Boulevard, Box 188
Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA
T: 1-310-275-3530

iTEP Tapped by Ecuadorian Government to test 6,500 English Teachers

Over three days this November-December, 5,721 English teachers selected by Ecuador‘s Ministry of Education for English proficiency evaluation were administered iTEP. At one point, 1,235 teachers were taking iTEP simultaneously at 98 test sites across 24 provinces of Ecuador. iTEP was selected for the initiative, which will test over 6,500 teachers in total, by INEVAL (National Institute for Educational Evaluation), a governmental entity in charge of promoting the excellence in the Ecuadorian education system through impartial assessments of instructors.
“Maintaining high levels of English proficiency of English teachers is an key issue for educational institutions throughout the world,” says iTEP Chairman Perry Akins. “We applaud INEVAL for ensuring that the English teachers of Ecuador are sufficiently qualified, and are thrilled that iTEP was selected for this initiative. Our iTEP Ecuador team as well as our US-based staff did a fantastic job with this undertaking.”
iTEP Ecuador, the local distributor of iTEP, was instrumental in planning and executing the large number of tests in a short time period. The iTEP Ecuador team worked with INEVAL and the Ministry of Education to put in place processes, protocols and trainings to ensure that test proctors and technology met iTEP International’s standards and would produce reliable and accurate test results. They also created custom tools to distribute reports rapidly. “We had a helpdesk who were able to support the proctors and solve problems during the administration of the tests, which is a good strategy to ensure success on projects like this one,” says Mariadelaida Uribe de Plaza of iTEP Ecuador. “Governments, countries and large educational institutions can look to this project as an example of how streamlined a large-scale testing initiative like this can be.”
“This project in Ecuador is opening doors for iTEP to continue to grow in the Spanish-speaking market,” says Akins. “This was a perfect example of iTEP being used to its fullest extent, not just as an assessment, but as a tool on which to base public policies to improve the English level of teachers and students.”

Top Brazilian University Accepts iTEP for Grad Programs

The University of São Paulo is a top 5 university in Brazil with a rich history and a high level of prestige in the country. Two USP graduate programs now accept iTEP scores for proof of English proficiency for admissions: The Drugs and Medicines Post-Graduation Program, and Professional Master Program in Civil Engineering.

Cátia Kajihara, executive director of iTEP’s Brazilian distributor, MK Consultoria em Idiomas, says these USP programs were attracted to iTEP’s ease of use and flexibility. “They like it is an international test available on demand, and that iTEP offers students a lower price,” she says. “They also like the detailed score reports and quick-turnaround for scoring.” iTEP is scheduled on demand at more than 700 test centers around the world–including two in the city of São Paulo. 

“It’s an honor for iTEP to be accepted at what is essentially an Ivy League school in Brazil,” says iTEP International President Jemal Idris. “We set out to create a world-class, top-of-the-line English assessment tool, and we consider it a major success when institutions of this caliber join our growing list of partner schools around the world.” iTEP is accepted by over 800 institutions globally. 

The Drugs and Medicines Post-Graduation Program of USP is part of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which was founded in 1898. The undergraduate course has approximately 950 students and the graduate programs have around 500 students.

The Professional Master Program in Civil Engineering is part of the Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo), also known as POLI-USP. Founded in 1893, POLI-USP was the first engineering school in the state of São Paulo. USP was founded in 1934 and incorporated POLI in the same year.

“POLI-USP has great importance in the scientific and academic fields in Brazil,” says Kajihara. “Its graduates have occupied prominent positions in public service and industry, including mayors and governors of São Paulo.” POLI has 4500 undergraduate students and 2500 graduate students.


iTEP国际与浙江两易文化发展有限公司于2017年10月达成价值890万美元的合作协议 。 浙江两易文化发展有限公司授权为中国唯一集统一管理、监督和销售的独家代理商。 为了使值得信赖和国际信誉的iTEP英语考试在中国有更好的发展和使用,浙江两易文化发展有限公司强强联合浙江长三角清华研究院和中国最成功的、发行量最大的英语周报合作,将iTEP Academic(学术考试)和iTEP SLATE(中学生第二语言考试)植入到中国中小学,利用iTEP考试和国际英语接轨,全面提升英语水平。

MEXiTEP Soars Into Conference Season

iTEP to attend ANUPI and present at MexTESOL after doubling test administrations in Mexico in past year

iTEP International, makers of the International Test of English Proficiency suite of English assessment tools has seen substantial and rapid growth in Mexico since establishing its first international office in Guadalajara in January. The growth can be measured by the following metrics through Q3 year-over-year.

  • 102% increase in test administrations
  • 100% increase in number of schools currently using iTEP SLATE
  • 60% increase in number of schools currently using iTEP Academic

iTEP’s growth in Mexico is poised to continue as the company prepares to exhibit and present at two major conferences in the country over the next month. Visitors to the iTEP booth at either conference can fill out a prospective iTEP test center application, and qualified organizations will receive a complimentary iTEP pilot project, sponsored entirely by iTEP.

ANUPI – National Association of University English Teachers

Oct 12-15 Puerto Vallarta

iTEP is exhibiting and sponsoring – located at booth #6.


Nov. 9-12 Leon

iTEP is a bronze sponsor, and will be exhibiting at booth #55. On Friday, Nov. 10 at 12:30 – 1:20pm MEXiTEP Executive Director Michael Salenko will be presenting in conjunction with Dr. Eddy White, Assessment Coordinator at the University of Arizona Center for English as a Second Language. The presentation is titled “Evaluating IEP Effectiveness by Comparing Student’s Level Advancement with Proficiency Development” and will draw on the University of Arizona’s use of iTEP to evaluate their intensive English program. The presentation will take place in Room A204 with capacity for 200 people.

Those who begin working with iTEP for their English assessment needs in Mexico will be in good company. iTEP recently entered into partnerships with several well-known institutions in the country.

  • Universidad de Guadalajara is now using iTEP Academic-Plus for its internal evaluations of both ESL professors and students.
  • Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) is a group of 8 semi-private high schools that have very high academic standards and a bilingual curriculum. They are now using iTEP to assess their ESL students.
  • UCLA’s study abroad program is now accepting iTEP Academic-Plus scores of 5 or better for admissions into its programs, which are quite popular with Mexican students

“It has been a whirlwind year in which we have made a great deal of fruitful partnerships and laid the groundwork for others,” says MEXiTEP Executive Director Michael Salenko, who is overseeing MEXiTEP. “We look forward to the conferences this fall, working with an increasing number of Mexican institutions, and helping Mexican students apply to study in the US or Canada affordably and conveniently.”

iTEP Public Relations and Marketing Partner Simms PR Expands with New Website

simmspr-logo-lrg-transparent copySince 2010, Simms PR has helped shape and execute our communications strategy. We’re thrilled to have seen their organization grow and launch a new website this spring.

Simms PR has been instrumental in obtaining coverage for iTEP in publications such as the South China Morning Post, The PIE News, and Study Travel Magazine, establishing and building our social media presence both in the US and China, publishing our quarterly newsletters, and more.



iTEP Prep: Difficult Listening Questions

iTEP Prep: Difficult Listening Questions


The listening section of iTEP gets progressively more difficult. After four simpler questions, you have 2-3 more difficult conversations, followed by one most difficult lecture. Each includes multiple questions. You’ll find examples of these more difficult exercises below. Try them, and if you feel ready to an iTEP Practice Test, you can do so for free for a limited time.

Do you have the English skills to understand a class discussion in English? Find out with this sample iTEP listening question.

Can you understand a complex conversation in English? See if you can grasp the details of this listening exercise.

This is as hard as it gets! Try this most difficult sample iTEP listening exercise. This one was retired from the test a few years ago (you’ll see why).

iTEP Prep: Simpler Listening Questions

iTEP Prep: Simpler Listening Questions


During the iTEP listening section of iTEP, you will hear a conversation or lecture and then answer questions about it on the screen. Each conversation or lecture is played only once, but you can take notes while listening.

The first part of the listening section includes four short conversations. Here are six examples of this type of question. Try them, and if you feel ready to an iTEP Practice Test, you can do so for free for a limited time.

When you listen, always try to figure out who is speaking and what they are talking about. Use keywords to tell you the setting of the conversation.

Of course, some times are not spoken. Using logic to figure out what is happening in a conversation is a powerful skill.

You can often tell how people know one another from their conversation. As you listen to this sample iTEP listening question, see if you can determine the relationship between the speakers.

Specifics are important. See if you can remember all of the details you hear in this sample iTEP listening question.

Every conversation has a purpose. As you listen to this sample iTEP listening question, see if you can determine why the conversation is happening.