iTEP Academic


iTEP Academic

iTEP Academic provides a brief, affordable, and accurate English test. So institutions who use iTEP get to focus on education, not testing.

With iTEP Academic, institutions get a full set of English testing tools. Using iTEP Academic, institutions can evaluate student language skills — from admission all the way to graduation. Further, our tests show progress in all key areas, including grammar,  listening, reading, writing, and speaking. And iTEP’s scoring system detects even small improvements. So iTEP institutions have a fair and accurate tool for student evaluation.

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How much does iTEP Cost?

iTEP Academic Plus costs $129. However, iTEP partners enjoy special institutional prices. 

How are iTEP English tests administered?

The iTEP tests usually occur online. However, Academic Plus for admissions must be administered at a certified iTEP Test Center. Academic Core has both online and paper formats.

How long does an iTEP English test last?

The Academic Core takes 60 minutes, while the Academic Plus takes 90 minutes. And this includes a 10 minute preparation period.

iTEP Academic Structure

iTEP Academic comes in two forms. First, there is iTEP Academic Plus. This format tests grammar, listening, writing, and speaking. Then there is iTEP Academic Core. This format tests grammar, listening and reading. institutions should use iTEP Academic Plus for official admissions purposes. For internal assessments, on the other hand, either test is suitable.

Below you can find the general iTEP Academic test structure. Each section, of course, presents questions for specific proficiency levels. To see the full iTEP Academic structure please download our iTEP Academic Brochure.

Existing Partners

We have partner institutions all around the world, and our list of partners is always growing. To see a current list of institutions who accept iTEP, please click here. And to learn more about offering iTEP Academic at your institution, please see our Partner Institution page.