Test Structure

Test Structure

Test Content

As with iTEP Academic & Business, there are two versions of the iTEP SLATE exam – iTEP SLATE and iTEP SLATE-Plus. iTEP SLATE is comprised of three sections: reading, listening, and grammar. iTEP SLATE-Plus is comprised of those three sections and includes an additional two sections: writing and speaking. Please note that in each section, examinees will encounter content and questions targeted at varying levels of proficiency.

Section Format Number and Type of Questions Time
Reading3 Parts 2 Short questions 2 Multiple-Choice 20 Minutes
250-word passage 4 Multiple-Choice
450-word passage 6 Multiple-Choice
Listening3 Parts 4 short conversations 4 Multiple-Choice 20 Minutes
One 2-3 minute conversation 4 Multiple-Choice
One 4-minute lecture 6 Multiple-Choice
Grammar2 Parts Complete the sentences 12 Questions 10 Minutes
Identify incorrect phrase or word 13 Questions
Writing Listen and respond to instructions Write a response of 50-75 words 25 Minutes
Listen to a topic Write 175-225 words to express and support your opinion on the topic
2 Parts
Listen and read a short question Prepare and speak 5 Minutes
Listen to two (2) sides of a topic Prepare and speak your opinion
  • Reading – 20 minutes

    • Two low-intermediate-level passages of approximately 50 words in length followed by multiple choice question.
    • One intermediate-level passage of approximately 200 words in length followed by multiple-choice questions.
    • One low advanced-level passage of approximately 500 words in length followed by multiple-choice questions.
  • Listening – 20 minutes

    • Four short high-beginning to low-intermediate-level conversational exchanges of 2-3 sentences, each followed by 1 multiple-choice question.
    • One 2- to 3-minute intermediate-level conversational exchange followed by 4 multiple-choice questions.
    • One 4-minute low-advanced-level lecture followed by 6 multiple-choice questions.
  • Grammar (Structure) – 10 minutes

    Twenty-five written multiple-choice questions, each of which tests the examinee’s familiarity with a key feature of English structure. The section includes a range of structures from simple to more complex, as well as a range of vocabulary from beginning to advanced. There are two question types in this section, each illustrated with on-screen examples.
  • Writing – 25 minutes/2 parts

    • Examinee is asked to write a short note, geared at the low-intermediate-level, on a supplied topic in response to instructions (5 minutes / 50-75 words).
    • Examinee is presented with a brief, low-advanced-level written topic and is asked to express his/her thoughts on the topic (20 minutes: 175-225 words).
  • Speaking – 5 minutes

    • Examinee hears and reads a short question targeted at the low-intermediate-level; examinee has 30 seconds to prepare his/her spoken response and 45 seconds to speak.
    • Examinee hears a brief low-advanced-level statement presenting two sides of an issue; examinee is then asked to give his/her thoughts on the topic (45 seconds to prepare, 60 seconds to speak).

Test Length

Total actual test time per examinee is approximately 50 minutes for iTEP SLATE and 80 minutes for iTEP SLATE-Plus. In addition, test administrators allocate an additional 10 minutes for pre-test instructions and examinee questions.

Delivery Method

The entire iTEP SLATE exam is delivered via the Internet, and must be administered in a secure environment at an approved testing facility.

For the reading, listening, and grammar sections, the examinee selects one of four answer choices for each question. (There are a few exceptions in the reading section that require the examinee to select the appropriate check-boxes or click to insert a new item).

In iTEP SLATE-Plus, the writing samples are keyboarded directly into a text entry field. The speaking samples are recorded with a headset/microphone at the examinee’s computer.