What are the main differences between the iTEP SLATE and the other tests on the market?

iTEP SLATE is a comprehensive, Internet-based exam that takes no longer than 90 minutes to administer. Because of iTEP SLATE’s flexible quality, it can be administered on-demand anywhere in the world at a secure location. And finally, iTEP SLATE’s quick, 5-business-day result delivery and its affordability, set it aside from all the other tests on the market.

What skills does the iTEP SLATE assess?

iTEP SLATE tests proficiency in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. There is also a section that tests knowledge of grammar. In the writing and speaking sections, test-takers produce actual writing and speaking samples which are graded by native English speaking ESL professionals.

How long is the iTEP SLATE-Plus exam?

The iTEP SLATE-Plus exam takes 80 minutes to complete. An additional 10 minutes are allocated for the iTEP SLATE administrator to provide pre-test instructions.

Is there a shorter version of the iTEP SLATE?

Yes, the shorter version is the iTEP SLATE-Core that includes only the multiple-choice sections of the test: reading, listening, and grammar. This version of iTEP SLATE is computer-graded and the results are available immediately after administration of the test.

In what form are test results provided?

The Official iTEP Score Report shows the test-taker’s Overall Level (from 0-Beginner to 6-Advanced), as well as levels attained on each of iTEP SLATE’s five sections (reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar). Results are presented in both tabular and graphical formats.

How are iTEP's SLATE levels interpreted?

iTEP SLATE levels range from 0 (Beginner) to 6 (Advanced) and are expressed in .1 increments (e.g. 2.1, 2.3, etc.) To see at a glance how well an individual can use English to communicate in the “real world” at each of iTEP SLATE’s five levels, please refer to the iTEP SLATE Ability Guide.

Where is the test administered?

Individuals who take iTEP SLATE for applying to high schools or boarding schools must take the iTEP SLATE at one of our Certified iTEP Test Centers. However, organizations or individuals who wish to take the iTEP SLATE only to determine English language proficiency must contact our representative(s) in their country. If you wish to use the iTEP SLATE in a country where we do not yet have a representative, please contact us directly.

How much does the test cost?

The price of the iTEP SLATE varies around the world. Please contact our representative in your country. If you wish to use the iTEP SLATE in a country where we do not yet have a representative, please contact us directly.

How much does the test cost for international students applying to a U.S. high school or boarding school?

The tests costs $119.00 for all prospective high school and boarding school students who take the test at one of the Certified iTEP Test Centers worldwide.

How do I register to take the iTEP SLATE as a prospective international student?

Please directly contact one of the Certified iTEP Test Centers near you, and they will schedule a testing time for you within 3 business days.

How do I prepare for the test?

Currently, there is no preparation course. However, you can prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with the test by reviewing the Preparation Guide, reviewing sample questions by browsing the website and visiting the Prepare for the Test page, and exposing yourself to reading materials and English conversations in your everyday life.

What do my test results mean?

Please review the iTEP SLATE Ability Guide for a detailed description of your strengths and weaknesses at each of iTEP SLATE’s 5 levels. If you are a prospective U.S. college or university student, please review iTEP SLATE Partners page to view the minimum iTEP SLATE level accepted for admissions at your desired institution.

How quickly can I schedule a testing time?

Our Certified iTEP Test Centers will schedule a testing time within 3 business days of your contacting them.

For how long do I have to study English to reach the next level on the iTEP SLATE?

We generally recommend 180 hours of English language instruction for you to be able to advance to the next iTEP SLATE level.